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Our Scholarships 

The Alpha Delta Pi house provides a study environment for every kind of student. Girls are always studying in our quiet study room in the house. It has comfy couches, a computer, a printer, and tables great for studying. One thing that the girls love is the dry erase boards covering the walls of the study room. They make for great for chemistry and math practice! For those who like to be in a group setting, our dining room is always open for group work and conversation. In addition to great study areas, older chapter members extend their knowledge to their sisters by providing tutoring to younger members. We also collect all of our member’s majors and minors so girls can consult older members for advice about their major! One thing we pride ourselves on is our sister’s love to help other sisters. There is always a girls willing to lend a helping hand when one may be struggling in a class.


Each year, Alpha Delta Pi celebrates scholarship in different ways. Girls are individually awarded each semester with the presentation of a dangle to wear on her pin. Girls who have received a 4.0 are awarded the following semester with a special celebration. Fall 2022, we held a formal dinner in our dining room to honor those women who achieved a 4.0 the previous semester. Additionally at this celebration, we presented two girls with an Alpha Delta Pi endowed scholarship, specific to our chapter, Delta Delta.

Learn more about our scholarships 

The Alpha Delta Pi website has so much useful information about scholarships nationwide. Click the button below to learn more. 

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